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Within the last few years, creative industries, which includes information and communication technology, has been growing in Windsor-­‐Essex. A number of new companies with a focus on information and communication technology have located in Windsor-­‐Essex. The growth of audio and video employment
There are social media marketing firms, mobile application development companies, IT infrastructure specialists, and graphic design companies that have recently established themselves in our area. Our region also offers art galleries, a symphony, dance companies, and theatre companies. The University of Windsor has announced that it will be moving the School of Visual Arts and the School of Music to the downtown core of Windsor. This will strengthen the connection between students in these faculties and the creative community in Windsor. Through additional announcements and local business growth, this sector is likely to experience growth in the next 3 to 5 years.


Technical support analysts provide first-line technical support to computer users experiencing difficulties with computer hardware and computer applications. They are employed by computer hardware manufacturers, retailers, software developers, call centres and information technology units throughout the private and public sectors.


• There are over a dozen Microsoft certifications that technical support analysts can specialize in.
• There are 8 possible paths to take under Cisco IT certification.
• Progression to computer programming, interactive media development, Web development or systems analysis is possible once experience is gained.

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Employment Demand

• Companies are always implementing new technologies, therefore there will always be a need for technical support analysts (EmploymentOntario).
• 54% of the job openings that occur for technical support analysts will be solely due to expansion demand. This means that the industry is growing (



Current Job Availability

On average, there are 45 job openings for technical support analysts in Ontario at any given time (

Average Wage

  • Technical support analysts in Ontario make between $21.77 and $33.60 per hour.
  • Those with specialized certifications are more likely  to receive a higher income.

Labour Market Data

Trained and competent technical support analysts are currently in high demand. Hundreds of companies are looking for employees that are proficient in a variety of areas in the Technical Support field (

No End to New Technologies

Due to global technological advancement, companies will continue to implement new technologies, maintaining the need for this occupation. Furthermore, complex technology often results in a growing need for user support. The demand for user support is expected to show above average growth through 2013 (Employment Ontario).

Hiring Graduates

The scope for employing experience-only workers or those with no post-secondary qualifications is narrowing (Information and Communications Technology Council). Also, user support is often an entry level position and is often the starting point for many new IT graduates. This means that IT graduates will face further opportunities and advancements once they have entered the workforce (

Expansion Demand

Employment growth will be strong largely because of Canada’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy. A total of 54% of the technical support analyst job openings that are expected from 2009-2019 will be solely due to expansion demand. This means that more technical support analysts are becoming employed primarily because employers in this industry are getting bigger to meet the demands (

Over the period of 2008-2015, Canadian employers will need to recruit 126 400 to 178 000 Information and Communication Technology workers; an average of 15 795 to 22 345 per year. Technical support analysts are one of the three occupations (along with information systems analysts and computer programmers) that will account for half of the estimated hiring’s (Information and Communication Technology Council).



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