Healthcare is Booming | Tecumseh Manning Medical Centre

A New Trend in Healthcare | Tecumseh Manning Medical Centre 

In its talk of modernizing health care delivery in Ontario, the Ministry of Health has been stressing patient-centred care and team-based care approaches, and this is a big explanation of the trend of large medical centres where different health practitioners can offer services jointly.

From out the outside, the Tecumseh Manning Medical Centre looks like the headquarters of a large corporation – sand-coloured, two storeys high and with large, dark-tinted windows.

The two-storey atrium has couches, flat-screen TVs on the walls, a coffee shop and a large central staircase decorated with plum-coloured glass vases made especially to suit. Light music plays over speakers. There’s even free WiFi.

Forget dimly-lit corridors and doctors scurrying in and out from behind their office doors.

Along with doctors, the new 60,000-square-foot centre houses a 365-day-a-year walk-in clinic which also provides urgent care services, pharmacy with anti-coagulation monitoring services, a physical rehabilitation clinic, diagnostic lab, medical weight loss clinic, and laser skin treatments, among others.

It builds on the approach of some other recent medical buildings in Windsor, like the Jackson Park Health Centre, and shows just how health care provision is changing in Windsor.

And the change has as much to do with the recent emphasis on team-based care and patient-centered approaches as it does with new demands from patients who are growing savvier about what they want from the health care system.

As a result, more and more doctors and other health care service providers are cluing to attract and retain patients.

Patients – especially baby boomers, who are used to taking charge of their lives – are more demanding of their doctors. Their expectations are higher about how they’re going to be treated, so they expect to find health care services and facilities that meet those needs.


  • Improved Working Conditions
  • Increased Resources
  • Improved Efficiency
  • More Opportunities
  • Rising Standards
  • More Job Availability



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